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For those wanting to take full advantage of the Shaklee earning opportunity, your best choice is as a Gold Ambassador. Get started by choosing the Gold PAK that's right for you:

  • $649 Gold Plus PAK »
    Shaklee-ize your home with18 popular Shaklee products (a retail value of over $850), get with immediate bonus eligibility, and 500 PV.
  • $349 Gold PAK »
    Shaklee-ize your home with five Shaklee best-selling products (a retail value of over $500), get immediate bonus eligibility, and 250 PV.

Join as a Shaklee Distributor

Join the hundreds of thousands of people who have put their energy, talent and skills toward buidling healthier and happier lives around the globe...with shaklee products.

It's one thing to promote health and wellness, it's another to stand behind a trusted brand like Shaklee, who has been leading the natural health movement for more than 50 years.

It's about people. People who make a difference by doing something that matters.


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