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The Perfect Career is Possible!
It is Time ~ For YOU To Experience the Perfect Career!
It is Time ~ For YOU To Experience the Perfect Career!

You want more for your life.

For the first time ever you may be leaving a job and not sure what to do? 
Or you are an at-home mom/dad who desires to create a fabulous career.
Or you are a young entrepeneur that is ready for a career that motivates!

In every way - I will share how to have a career of PURPOSE!  A carer that REWARDS in multiple ways!

I am Annette Reeder, The Biblical Nutritionist.  You don't have to be me to be successful; you are to be YOU! You were beautifully formed for a specific purpose and have a passion in your heart to do more.

I am here to help you create the most satisfying career IF you love to help people live a biblically healthy life.

Please watch this webinar to learn more. Or continue reading below. 
I am offering this because I want to see people succeed and help others. AND you are worth it to excell in the perfect career NOW!

Watch this video here.

When you want more for your life these answers are the perfect fit.
When I was ready to quit my regular job I was nervous.Annette Reeder Biblical Wellness Coach
What if I could not make enough money?
What if it doesn't work for me like it does for everyone else?
Is this really possible?
Be calm. You were created for a purpose and God has given you desires to pursue. When these desires match His blessing for your life the rest is just logistics.
Here I am able to share with you the logistics to make it happen.
First - make a declaration  such as "I am smart, strong, intelligent, and worthy of designing my own career". There, now that we said that we are ready to begin.
Second - what is your passion?  Do you want to do consulting, Do you want to offer supplements, Do you want to teach biblical health?
What would be the best day in your favorite career?
Who would you help?
What would you like the testimony to be from those you help?
This is important because it helps shape the career to do well.
Third - I am assuming you want to do a biblical health ministry or business (can be both). I assume this because you are on this page. Plus that is my speciality. Yet, everything I am teaching can be applied to any life coach opportunity or just personal gain
If you are a medical professional - this is for you. I will share tools that work with clients. Plus, if you have a license, such as RD, RN, MD, there is a second option available for professionals to help with clients and increase the income.
If you are a teacher or other professional - this is for you. I will share tools to incorporate your passion to inspire lives and make it work.
If you are an at-home parent or single person - this works as well. Let's turn your desires into a satisfying  income and healthy relationships.

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